Show the new coordinates of the point 14 after it is a

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Unformatted text preview: ordinates of the point (1,4) after it is: a) reflected in the x axis. b) reflected in the y axis. c) rotated 180° about (0,0). d) reflected in the line y = x. e) reflected in the line y = -x. f) rotated 90° clockwise about (0,0). g) rotated 90° counterclockwise about (0,0). 2. What is the single transformation that will produce the same result as: a) a reflection in the x axis, followed by a reflection in the y axis? b) a rotation 90° clockwise about (0,0), followed by a reflection in the y axis? Back to the initial assessment task Tackle the original assessment task again, bearing in mind what you have learned during the lesson. Generalizing Patterns: Table Tiles Initial assessment task The collaborative activity Maria makes square tables, then sticks tiles to the top. She uses thr...
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