Elements of an Ethical Culture (MAC 2012)

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Unformatted text preview: nd Policies •  “The sentence was harsh, I said to myself, but the rule they had broken was perfectly clear, defeasible and necessary. The morale and support of the en%re squad hung in the air. If I backed off, the message was clear as a bell: I’m afraid of you guys. Ignore this rule. Ignore any rule that itches as much as this one does. And if there’s a rule that itches less, try me on that, too.” (Trevino and Nelson, 252) Rules and Policies •  The important thing to note was that the rule had the following characteris%cs: – Perfectly clear – Defensible – Necessary •  The boaom line is that it is much easier to defend your rules if you really believe in them. Reward Systems •  To promote an ethical culture it is important to avoid crea%ng ‘perverse incen%ves’. •  People are ocen reluctant to reward people ‘for what they should do anyway.’ •  Need to think imagina%vely about incen%ves, i.e. people are not only m...
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