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Elements of an Ethical Culture (MAC 2012)

They are the standards of behavior that are accepted

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Unformatted text preview: o%vated by financial gain. Recrui%ng and Hiring •  Need to bring up values in the recruitment materials •  Ask ques%ons about ethics and values during the interview process and incorporate the answers into your assessment matrix •  People will ul%mately ‘self ­ select’ into an organiza%on that reflects their personal values Informal Elements of Culture Norms •  Norms are simply the ‘way things are done’. They are the standards of behavior that are accepted as appropriate. – Dress – Manners – Language •  Do the informal norms conflict with the formal rules? Heroes •  Heroes personify the organiza%ons values, in both ethical and unethical ways. •  The heroes of the organiza%on do not need to be the current leaders of the organiza%on or division; can be lower ­level individuals or former leaders. Rituals and Celebra%ons •  Rituals and Celebra%ons are symbolic ways of eleva%ng certain values and communica%ng and reinforcing the culture and norms. – What values are celebrated? – Are the rituals/celebra%ons consistent with the formal code of conduct or rules? Myths/Stories •  People tell stories to give meaning to their ac%vi%es and to communicate their...
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