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Demographic Profile & Analysis Assignment

Demographic Profile & Analysis Assignment - Emily Mohr...

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Emily Mohr 10/8/07 Principles of Marketing Dr. Dobeck Demographic Profile & Analysis Assignment 1. Yes, with more information, it would be less difficult to understand the lifestyles of the group and what ways would be best to target them. It would be helpful to know their gender, ethnicity, political party and the kind of family that they grew up with. The more information there is on a group the easier it is to categorize them. 2. The group is made up of primarily the traditional aged college student. A common interest that the class shares is a passion and affinity for business, as it is related to everyone’s major in someway. It can be assumed that the people in our class are very social and outgoing because the Myers-Briggs profile indicates a large majority of extroverted students. Our class is also willing to try new things as shown by the number of experiencers in the VALS profile. 3. Sports and recreational activities and equipment would greatly appeal because experiencers tend to have lots of energy and excitement.
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