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extra credit - Emily Mohr Principles of Marketing Dr Dobeck...

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Emily Mohr Principles of Marketing Dr. Dobeck 10/29/07 Extra Credit 1. The advertisement is for EatSmart soy crisps. EatSmart and Love It! Is the slogan for this ad and is shown in big white letters at the top of the ad. In the picture, the product is featured in the bottom left section of the page. The picture shows a bag of Soy Crisps and a bowl of Soy Crisps. All of the Soy Crisps are perfectly placed and exactly rounded. The product is in color, while the rest of the ad is in black and white. In the background there is a picture of a young woman with glasses. She has a pleasant smile on her face and appears to contemplative and content. At the bottom right hand of the picture there is the EatSmart all natural snacks logo. Underneath it the website is provided so customers may find out more about their products. This ad is offering a good. A good is a physical product, and this ad is about EatSmart soy crisps. EatSmart soy crisps are a tangible product.
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