HW 1 - Richard Muvdi [email protected] (484)-332-4740 Moral...

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Richard Muvdi [email protected] (484)-332-4740 Moral Philosophy February 5, 2008 Homework Assignment #1 All that Glitters Isn’t Gold Can immorality enhance eternal happiness? Such is the statement by Steven M. Cahn in his discussion of Judah, the central character, in Crimes and Misdemeanors . The themes of good and evil resonate throughout Woody Allen’s film. I intend to show philosophically how the idea of immorality enhancing happiness disturbs the natural order. In our “what goes around comes around” world, we expect evil to be punished and good to be rewarded. Those that get away with an evil act are expected to pay for it at some time either during their lifetime or after (if one believes in heaven or hell). Plato defines happiness as “satisfaction one takes in having a personality wherein all elements required for a fully realized human life is harmoniously integrated.”(Murphy, Happiness and Immorality, pg 300.) One could certainly not feel that Judah had a harmoniously integrated life after he paid for his mistress to be murdered. He suffered from a guilty conscience which manifested itself as generalized anxiety, insomnia, and ultimately an underlying depression. Kierkegaard claimed that “a person who wills only pursuit of temporal rather than eternal desires will ultimately fall into boredom and despair.” (Murphy, Happiness and Immorality, pg 300) Isn’t the fact that Judah, who committed adultery while living in the moment, a classic
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HW 1 - Richard Muvdi [email protected] (484)-332-4740 Moral...

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