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2.27 "The Johnny Appleseed Solution" -Sequester carbon as biomass -Photosynthesis Carbon dioxide + water + sunlight = biomass + oxygen -Carbon uptake by a growing forest: -about 15 to 45 tons of carbon dioxide per hectare per year 1 hectare (ha)=100 meters x 100 meters =about 2.5 meters 1 square mile = 640 acres =259 ha * 2 million square miles (500 million hectares) acres of trees would need to be planted to take up the 15 billion tons of carbon dioxide accumulating in the atmosphere annually. Buringin 15 million hectares adds 6 billion tons. ..but it takes 500 million hectares to remove 15 billion tons. What gives? Burining a mature tropical forest liberates about 15 years worth of carbon storage all at
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Unformatted text preview: once. Energy and Power Energy Units-1 Joule (J)- energy (work) required to lift a one pound object about 9 inches-1 calorie (cal)- energy (heat) required to raise the temperature of one gram (1 ml) of water 1 degree Celsius-1 British thermal unit (Btu)- energy (heat) required to raise the temperature of one pount (1 pint, 16 fl. oz.) of water 1 degree farenheit 1 cal = 4.184J 1 Btu= 252 cal=1,055 J 1 (food) calorie= 1,000 cal= 1 kilocalorie (kcal)= 3.97 Btu 1 Quad= 1 quaddrillion (10 (15)_Btu 1 kilowatt-hour (kWh)= 3.412Btu= 3,600,000 J...
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