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Should morals be taught

Should morals be taught - have sky rocketed as well I...

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Brent Mansingh EDCI Beckers February 4, 2008 Should Moral Education, Character Education, Ethics, Or Value Education, be a Responsibility of the School? This question brings up many a very controversial issue. But, in my opinion I say yes, morals and ethics should be taught in the classroom. I think upon approval of the parents, ethics should most definitely be taught. Teen pregnancy and STD rates are at an all time high. Violence in and outside of the schools
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Unformatted text preview: have sky rocketed as well. I believe the lack of education towards values, morals, and ethics is the direct cause of such activities. Just because religion can’t be taught in schools, I believe it is a cop-out. In early U.S. History, religion and morals were taught in schools routinely, and look at their society compared to ours! Something needs to be done, or the school system will crumble from the ground up!...
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