Free energy and equilibrium 19 points oh ch3 ho ch3

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Unformatted text preview: Circle and label the first and second the most acidic hydrogens in the molecule. Explain your choices with words. (4 points) (d) How many chiral centers are in this molecule? (2 points) (e) How many stereoisomers are possible? (2 points) (f) Label and assign the configuration(s) of the chiral center(s). (4 points) (g) Draw a enantiomer of Lipitor. (2 points) 9/13 Points/Page = Callam Chemistry 2510 Autumn 2012 Part 8. Newman Projections and Chairs. (20 points) (a) Draw the chair flip for the following chair conformation. (4 points) 6 D 1 4 5 2 CH3 3 OH (b) Circle the more stable chair conformation. A values for relevant groups are listed on the next page. (2 points) (c) For the molecule on the left in part 8a draw a Newman projection looking down the C3- C4 bond. (4 points) (d) What is the dihedral angle between the –OH group and the –CH3 group for the molecule on the left in part 8a (2 points) (e) Draw the Newman projection down the indicated bond. (4 points) D H3C 2 1 OCH3 F (f) Rotate the Newman projection from part 4e 180° around the indicated bond and draw the resulting Newman projection around the C1- C2 bond. (4 points) 10/13 Points/Page = Callam Chemistry 2510 Autumn 2...
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