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BIOL 1208 Results Worksheet These are to be written individually even if you worked in a group. Name: Brent Mansingh Group Members: Margaret Myhand Lab Topic: Source of Enzyme What is the null hypothesis? be specific As the time interval increased every thirty seconds, the concentration of the enzyme would increase as well. The spectrophotometer used during this experiment, should yield the proper results indicating the increase of concentration. What is the alternative hypothesis? be specific If my first hypothesis was incorrect, I would conclude that the concentration would decrease over a period of time. The opposite of my initial hypothesis would therefore come into effect, concluding the necessary decrease of the concentration. What were the main trends or patterns in your data? After carefully analyzing the data, I saw that in addition the increase of the concentration, the
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Unformatted text preview: greatest jump of concentration measurements came from the time interval 60 seconds to 90 seconds. Furthermore, this proved true for all of my sources, pear, potato, and the apple. I am not sure why this is, but it is a question that I asked myself, “Why did it increase the most during this time.” What are the important results relative to your hypotheses? The proper results as stated in the trends of data in the last response, is because the concentration increased consistently and repeatedly, my first hypothesis, the concentration of the enzyme would increase over a period of time, was proven true. As I mentioned, it was repeated several times for each source, proving the accuracy and consistency of my experiments. Figure or Table of final, not raw data ....
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