The goal of science explain why something happens

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Unformatted text preview: ience Explain Why Something Happens Make Generalizations Look for Patterns Move Beyond Common Sense True False More U.S. student are killed in school shootings now than ten years ago. The Earnings of U.S. women have about caught up with those of men. When faced with natural disasters, people panic and social organization disintegrates. Most husbands of working wives who get laid off from work take up the slack and increase their share of housework. Because bicyclists are much more likely to wear helmets now than a few years ago, their rate of head injuries has dropped. Seeing the Broader Social Context How Groups Influence People How People are Influenced by Their Society People Who Share a Culture People Who Share a Territory Social Location--Corners in Life Jobs Income Education Gender Age Race The Growing Global Context The Global Village Instant Communication Sociology Studies both the Global Network and Our Unique Experiences Origins of Sociology Tradition vs. Science Emerged mid1800s Grew Out of Social Uphe...
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