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Designed to coordinate the actions of a large number

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Unformatted text preview: tions of a large number of people. Bureaucracies are efficient, but highly impersonal and rigid, which leads to the dehumanization of social life. Verstehen understanding or insight Values in Sociological Research Sociology Should be ValueFree Sociology Should be Objective Research Should Involve Replication Goals and Uses of Sociology Theoretical Perspectives Structural Functionalism Society is an orderly system Social order, social integration Society is composed of interrelated parts (social institutions); Economy Government Family Education Religion Health Care system Functionalism Each institution plays a role (has a function) in keeping society running smoothly (equilibrium). Each part functions for stability. Normative consensus shared set of values, customs, and expectations for appropriate behavior. What are the problems with Functionalism? Problems arise when parts do not function C...
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