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Socl ch 2 - Chapter 2 Culture Society and Diversity...

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Chapter 2: Culture, Society, and Diversity Comanche social organization 1. Family 2. Residence band 3. Division 4. Focused-activity group 5. Comanche community I. What is Culture? A. Culture and Society 1. Culture –the total lifestyle of people, including all of the ideas, values, knowledge and behaviors and material objects that they share. 2. Society –a group of people who are relatively self-sufficient and who share a common territory and culture. B. Material Culture And Nonmaterial Culture 1. Material culture –all the physical objects, or artifacts, made or used by people, such as canoes, stone clubs, jet airplanes, and skyscrapers 2. Nonmaterial culture –things that have no physical existence, such as language, ideas, knowledge, and behaviors. II. The Components of Culture A. Beliefs and Values 1. Beliefs –the conceptions people have about what is true in the world. 2. Values –people’s ideas about what is good or bad, right or wrong. 3. U.S. Values a. Success b. Work and activity c. Progress, efficiency, and practicality d. Individualism
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e. Freedom f. Materialism and material comfort g. Equality 4. Japanese Values a. Collectivity b. Harmony c. Tradition
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Socl ch 2 - Chapter 2 Culture Society and Diversity...

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