Exam 1 Review Sheet - Final Review Sheet (Exam 1) Optional...

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Optional Review : Thursday from 6-8 pm. Mariana will answer questions. Mandatory Exam : Monday in class. This review sheet gives a basic guide on what you should focus on in your studies. Any material in the lectures and the readings is fair game. All bold or italicized terms in the Sobel or Nye readings are fair game. You should know these terms. You should know the basic content of the chapters, for example, from Nye you should have a general understanding of WWI, WWII, and the Cold War. I do not require you to know any specific dates and the only individuals you need to know are individuals that were brought up in class or leaders I tell you should know on this review sheet. For the news stories I will probably ask 3-5 simple questions on the news stories. If you read the stories and remember the basic content, you will get the points. The exam format is a mix of multiple choice and short answer. Coming to lecture and taking good notes will probably get you to about a B or so on the exam. Only by doing the readings and studying your class notes can you get an A in the this class Lecture 1: The Science of IR What do they want from a theory Description Explanation Prediction Prescription Understand these factors Non-Random Selection Rare Events Unobserved Variables We want a theory that is: Falsifiable Accurate Simple From the Sobel Reading Be able to explain the difference between normative and positive theory Understand the difference between correlation and causation and how a spurious relationship can be mistaken for causation. Also understand Sobel’s points on how ordering preferences if necessary for rationality and issues of transitivity and completeness (page 31) Understand the Condorcet paradox What is a social trap and how does this relate to the games that we have played? From the Nye Reading
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Exam 1 Review Sheet - Final Review Sheet (Exam 1) Optional...

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