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Unformatted text preview: according to school policy. 2)Assignments 10% a)The assignments will include activities from the workbook and other out of class assignments. 3)Quizzes (written and oral) 10% a)There will be weekly quizzes (10-20 questions written or oral TBD). They will consist of vocabulary identification, grammar, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, dictation, writing or oral response. 4) Projects (InItalian) 20% a) Individual Projects and presentation (TBD,one per semester) b) Group Projects and presentation (TBD) Student teams will select a topic that addresses materials presented in class.. This will require outside class preparation and include handout materials, video, PowerPoint/Keynote presentations and other materials as necessary. 5) Mid term exam 20% a)Esame scritto e orale – this will include material from the chapters in Prego covered during t...
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