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It is also the your responsibility to complete and

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Unformatted text preview: sociated issues. It is also the your responsibility to complete and submit all assignments on the date they are due. Late assignments will only be accepted the following class period and the grade for late assignments will be reduce by 25%. Unless there are documented extenuating circumstances no assignments will be accepted after this period and a grade of zero “0” will be assessed. You are required to have a 3-ring loose-leaf binder specifically for the Italian class. The binder will be divided into minimum 5 sections: notes, handouts, vocabulary, grammar, homework. All assignments are to be completed on loose-leaf paper. Academic Integrity You are responsible for completing their own work. Academic integrity refers to dishonesty in examinations (cheating), presenting ideas or writings of someone else’s as one’s own (plagiarism) or the use of any electronic device during quiz...
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