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April 7 2008 - • Virginia Tech • Twin Towers • Also...

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April 7, 2008 Looked at examples of Final Presentation First example: Called mirror, mirror “This was the best one she’s seen” “I feel pretty..oh so pretty song” from west side story Combination of images and clips from movies What do you see in the mirror” Put contrasting images of typically pretty and typically not Message that she was trying to create: The prettiest people on the outside could be the ugliest on the inside Second Example: About death and the news and catastrophic events
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Unformatted text preview: • Virginia Tech • Twin Towers • Also footage from things that weren’t real: from video games, movies • Should you believe everything in the news? • Jack Johnson’s song: news Third Example: • Showed rappers: G unit, ludacris, etc etc etc • Switched songs • Drug images • Celebrities influence people. .all of them have at least one song about drugs • Showed celeb pictures…then random people doing drugs and being happy. .and then the horrific side of drugs...
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