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January 18

January 18 - environment Simple Definition Conscious...

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January 18, 2007 Thursday, January 18, 2007 10:30 AM Defining Design Vocabulary: Aesthetics, function, human factors, residential, contract/commercial, materials/structure, natural design, vernacular design, technical design Both Involve: Space Planning (the interrelation of spaces) (immediate space, building, site) Analyze Needs Codes, Regulations Communication: Drawing, Verbal Collaboration A D C
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B A= Aesthetics, Art, Beauty B= Function, Science, Technology, Safety C= Social, Behavioral, Human Factors D= Overlapping Areas= Interior Design Color/Light Line/Shape/Form/Texture Manipulation of space for function or purpose Materials Not always about "the look" of a space Creativity People/Space What is Design? Arrangements of parts, color, etc What is Interior Design? Formal study if man's interaction with proximate
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Unformatted text preview: environment Simple Definition: Conscious activity accomplished by man. Problem Solving Understand problem that exists and view solution! Analyze it in terms o f aesthetics, function, and in the text- structure and materials. .and social or behavioral qualities By looking at situations outside the realm o art and professional design (viewing other circumstances) we can identify characteristics that define excellence. No man- evaluate natural environment On thing- has a purpose (nature) VERNACULAR- PEOPLE WITH NO FORMAL TRAINING. Native language of place. Concerned with method of construction. Very functional. Solves a problem. Tools, farm buildings, utilitarian buildings. TECHNICAL- Result of formal design process appearance not primary goal. Functional requirements dictates form. Efficiency is purpose....
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January 18 - environment Simple Definition Conscious...

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