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Unformatted text preview: oks at 9 Business Decision Logic Analytics for Managerial Decision Making 2. Business Decision Logic It is virtually impossible to develop a listing of every type of business decision you will confront. Classic examples include whether to outsource or not, when to accept special orders, and whether to discontinue a product or project. Although each of these examples will be considered in more detail, what is most important is for you to develop a general frame of reference for business decision making. In general, that approach requires identification of decision alternatives, logging relevant costs/benefits of each choice, evaluating qualitative issues, and selecting the most desirable option based on judgmental balancing of quantitative and qualitative factors. As you reflect on this process, recognize that it begins with judgment (what are the alternatives?) and ends with judgment (which alternative presents the best blend of quantitative and qualitative factors). Analytics support decision making, but they do not supplant judgment. 2.1 Outsourcing Companies must frequently choose between using outside vendors/suppliers or producing a good or service internally. Outsourcing occurs across many functional areas. For instance, some companies outsource data processing, tech support, payroll services, and similar operational aspects of running a business. Manufacturing companies also may find it advantageous to outsource certain aspects of production (frequently termed the “make or buy” decision). Further, some companies (e.g., certain high profile sporting apparel companies) have broad product lines, but actually produce no tangible goods. They instead focus on branding/marketing and outsource all of the actual manufacturing. Outsourcing has been around for decades, but it has received increased media/political attention with the increase in global trade. Tax, regulation, and cost factors can vary considerably from one global region to another. As a result, com...
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