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Unformatted text preview: oan 5,000 Inventory 14,000 Accounts Payable 1,200 Accounts Receivable 2,200 Total Liabilities Equipment 4,600 6,200 Equity Paid in Capital 15,000 Retained Earnings 8,100 Total Equity Total Assets 29,300 23,100 Total Liabilities & Equity 29,300 Download free ebooks at 32 The Income Statement Managing Budgets It’s important to realize that just because the organization has a positive Net Income for the month, that doesn’t mean that they have that amount in cash available. Income can include more than just cash, such as interest earned from investments or financing could also be included as Retained Earnings. In order to know exactly what cash is still available at the end of the month, you would create a Cash Flow Statement. We’ll look at how to do that in the next chapter. 5.3 What an Income Statement Tells You The income statement tells you: The main sources of income earned Secondary sources of income earned Some information about the organization based on the categories of revenue that are listed. For example, “Sales Revenue” tells you that the organization sells a product or service, while “Fees Earned” would tell you that the organization is a professional service provider of some kind. What items have no value left for the company because they are expenses – they will not generate any new income for the organization Whether or not the organization is operating with a loss or if they are operating with balanced revenues and expenses Download free ebooks at 33 The Income Statement Managing Budgets 5.4 What an Income Statement Does Not Tell You We’ve already mentioned in our discussion of Income Statements some of the things that it does not tell you. But here is a full list. An income statement does not tell you: Any prediction for future net income. The Income Statement is a historical document in the sense that it tells you what has already happened. It cannot be relied upon as a predictor of what will happen in future accounting periods. Please click the advert Download free ebooks at b...
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