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A true story a candidate of mine was applying for a

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Unformatted text preview: know. A true story… A candidate of mine was applying for a job at one of the large investment banks. Out of 150 candidates the hiring manager had selected the top 10 best resumes to perform first round interviews. Every interview was 15-20 minutes long. The final question the hiring manager asked to each of the candidates was “Tell me something about the company.” Nine out of ten of the candidates rattled off information they had read from the company’s “about us page”, but one candidate stood out. After reading about the company’s strategic purchase of a new acquisition, the candidate was able to impress the hiring manager with his (somewhat different) knowledge. The hiring manager later offered this candidate the role not because he was the smartest candidate, but because he showed his dedication by going the extra step in his interview preparation. Your research for the job interview preparation should give you a better insight on • The history of the business • How old the business is • The types of services the business offers • The hierarchy structure • How many offices/locations the business has • Number of employees • Career progression • The business culture • Competitors • Benefits Download free ebooks at bookboon.com 6 Interview Secrets Exposed Check out the Competitors websites as well – they are also a good source of information for your job preparation. Interview questions: Now that you have a better understanding of the company you are applying for you can begin to prepare for the interview. We are going to go through all the types of interview questions you can be asked and how best to answer these questions. Ice Breaking Questions: When you first enter the interview, the opening question is always designed to introduce yourself so you feel comfortable in the surroundings before the questions become more specific. Generally speaking, “ice breaking questions” are broad, yet they can be so important with how they impact the rest of your interview. Just like in a sports game, the opening minutes of the game are not where...
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