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As you can see my sales records speak for themselves

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Unformatted text preview: oned new products to drive sales growth and developed new marketing strategies to ensure sales targets are exceeded and market share increased. I have expertise in the implementation of account strategies, tactical sales and marketing plans. As you can see my sales records speak for themselves, and in my previous role I was awarded for consistently exceeding sales and profit targets. Most importantly, I am extremely passionate about what I do and have a love for sales.” 9) Do you work well under pressure? This is an easy question to answer if you have done your research and prepared for this question. (Tip – telling the employer that you crumble under pressure and burst into tears is not going to help you get the job). Although this is a closed question and can be answered with a one word answer, always provide an example of a time where you worked under pressure and how you rose above the pressure to succeed. Tip: It may seem obvious, but keep the example work-related. I have interviewed a young man who told me that he kicked the winning goal with only one minute left on the clock. It may have been an example of working well under pressure, but what I was really asking for was a work-related answer. 10) How do you handle change? This is a classic interview question that always makes a candidate think! It is incredible the amount of times a candidate will say “I handle change well” before an awkward silence as they try to think about an example. Change is natural part of life and it is about adapting to change that makes you a stronger person. Choosing to embrace change is an opportunity for personal growth. The best answer is that you embrace change rather than opposing change out of fear or routine. No matter what the job throws at you, you’re able to handle it. Provide an example of where you were able to handle change and come out stronger as a result. Download free ebooks at bookboon.com 12 Interview Secrets Exposed 11) Briefly describe your ideal job? This is a “curve ball” question. My ideal job would be earning a million dollars a week and only working about 3-4...
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