Did you know that the average time a person spends at

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Unformatted text preview: ou know that the average time a person spends at work over the course of their life plus or minus is 97,464 hours! If you spend that much time at work, it is imperative that when you go for interview you ask the hiring manager all the questions you have. Think of it like this. When you purchase an expensive and important item like a car, you do your investigation and research to make sure that the car you’re going to buy is the right choice for you. Choosing a job is exactly the same (and more important!) You need to do your research and ask questions. If you don’t, you might find yourself in an unhappy situation and looking for a new job before you know it. Interviewing is a 2 way process! Download free ebooks at 5 Interview Secrets Exposed Preparing for the interview: Part 1: Research: Congratulations! You have been invited for the interview. Now what do you do? The first step is beginning to research the company. Once you have done this you will be ready to prep for the interview questions, learn how to improve your interviewing skills and begin to think about what you’re going to wear to the interview. In order to succeed in the interview you need to do your homework on the company. There is no set of rules to how to do your research but preparing yourself as much as possible will greatly enhance your chances of getting hired. Make sure you use every available resource to help you with your preparation. By doing a basic google on the company you can easily learn important facts about the company. Publically listed companies are easier to prepare your background research than privately listed companies as public companies are legally required to make certain information available. In the 21st century the Internet has made a lot of the pre interview research more available and easier to find. Don’t forget that you can also use other sources of information like public libraries or bookstores. Many magazines and journals can provide important and up to date information on your company and also provide you with information that your competitors who are also applying for the same job won’t...
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