Grey my second favourite colour to wear after blue

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Unformatted text preview: k love and passion), and can be an intimidating colour for the interviewer. e Graduate Programme for Engineers and Geoscientists I joined MITAS because I wanted real responsibili Please click the advert Real work Internationa al International opportunities ree wor o ree work placements Month 16 was I was a construction supervisor in the North Sea advising and helping foremen he solve problems s Download free ebooks at 25 Interview Secrets Exposed Orange: Similar to red. A colour that stirs emotion and therefore one I would avoid wearing in a job interview. Although orange is not seen to be as aggressive as red, it is still perceived as a colour that can evoke feelings of power and aggression. Grey: My second favourite colour to wear after blue. Grey gives the look of sophistication and authority. In a corporate environment, grey is professional and portrays an individual as being confident without being intimidating. Purple: The colour of “royalty”. Purple symbolizes power, aristocracy, lavishness, and extravagance. Black: Be careful when wearing just black to an interview. Black is seen as a power colour and can be viewed as threatening. Wearing black outfits can portray an individual as being powerful or even arrogant. Black is also associated with negative implications such as death, sin, and fear. Most important advice: My advice is simple – remember that first impressions count a lot when you go to interview. Know your audience and dress accordingly. How to Nail the Telephone Interview Phone interviews are becoming increasingly popular as a means of narrowing down candidates for a more traditional face to face interview. In the ultra competitive society we now live, a job advertisement can attract hundreds of resumes from candidates with similar sets of skills and backgrounds. The recruitment process is all about finding the one perfect candidate among the basket full of candidates. The phone interview has become a popular, flexible, inexpensive and speedy way of finding that one person. Download free ebo...
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