I bet that this has never even crossed your mind i

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Unformatted text preview: you look can send a powerful message to the interviewer and can portray a signal that you are a winner or a loser. Tip: The most important aspect is to dress appropriately for the role you are applying for. Applying for a position in a coffee shop is a lot different to applying for a role in a law firm. The best way to find out what the type of appropriate clothing to wear to the interview is to do a 10 minute stalk out of the organisation and see what the employees are wearing. This way you can’t go wrong. Download free ebooks at 24 Interview Secrets Exposed Once you have an understanding of the type of clothing you need to wear to the interview the next stage is picking the right colours to wear. I bet that this has never even crossed your mind. I bet you’re thinking, “What’s the difference if I wear a white shirt with a blue tie or a white shirt with a red tie?. Is the hiring manager really going to care what colour my tie is?” Well the answer is yes! Studies have shown that the colours you decide to wear in an interview can actually make a difference. In the competitive world we live in you need to ensure that you take every advantage you possibly can. Different colours evoke different emotions and it is imperative when you’re interviewing that you evoke the right emotions from the interviewer. Examples: Blue: Words that describe the colour blue include: trust, loyalty, wisdom, peaceful. These are exactly the type of feelings you want to be portraying in your interview. Blue is a calming colour (think of the ocean and sky) and sends out a signal to the interviewer that you are indeed honest and sincere. Studies have shown that wearing the colour blue to an interview will increase your chances of getting hired more than any other colour. Red: In contrast to the colour blue, the colour stirs emotions more than any other colour. Red is a strong colour, very emotional, an extreme colour that in an interview scenario can work against you. Unlike blue which has a calming effect, red is fiery (thin...
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