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Unformatted text preview: ith direct personality styles like to be in charge. They like to take control and get to work – and they’ll work hard. They look for results, are driven to succeed, and are often competitive. They have strong focus and are pragmatic in their outlook. They are assertive, decisive, and have strong opinions. They aren’t afraid to speak their minds or to make the tough decisions. They don’t want to analyze things to death – they want to get in, get it done, and get on to the next project. For other personality styles, direct styles can come off as overbearing, impatient, stubborn, and autocratic. They may appear as if they don’t want other people’s input, particularly if it’s something that could slow them down from getting the job done. They may not take the time to listen to others or to feel that they need to explain anything to anyone else. They sometimes put results ahead of other people’s feelings. Some careers that might fit best with a direct personality include: Public safety positions (police, sheriff, fire, corrections) Lawyer Please click the advert Download free ebooks at 15 Determining Your Interests and Passions Managing Your Career Manager or supervisor Banker Surgeon 2.2.2 Spirited The spirited personalities are the ‘dreamers’ of the group. They can be like the Pied Piper, generating enthusiasm and excitement about an idea or project. They are persuasive, visionary types who are passionate about whatever they are working on and will throw themselves into their work with abandon. They prefer to multitask in order to avoid getting bored or stymied. They aren’t afraid to take risks and can often convince others to do the same. Spirited styles, while great at getting a project started, are not always that great at getting it finished. They prefer the big picture to getting down to the details of a task and paying attention to minutiae. It’s difficult to keep their attention for long since they prefer to do multiple things at once. Time management may be a problem for spirited people, as they may have a problem determining exactly how long a project will take to complete and so they can tend to commit to more work than they are truly capable of doing. They may have a hard time listening to others, particularly if what the other person says might rain on their parade. Some possible careers for spirited people include: Politician Salesperson Performing arts (musician, actor) Teacher 4.2.3 Systematic Systematic personality types are the analysts among us. They are willing and able to plow through piles of data and still be hungry for more. They excel at identifying and managing details, and logic is their best friend. They are consistent, rational, precise, and are usually very disciplined. They make decisions based on research and analysis rather than feelings. They have patience and are deliberate in their work style. They are business-oriented and not normally apt to share anything about themselves on a personal level. They like predictable processes and precise directions. They stick to the book, and want others to do the same. They value fairness and playing by the rules, no matter what. Download free ebooks at 16 Determining Your Interests and Passions Managing Your Career However, systematics can sometimes have a hard time making decisions because of the overload of information they have compiled. They will always want more time for more details, and may get boggeddown in one particular area or on one point instead of seeing the entire picture as a whole. They may fear change and upsets in their usual routine. They may not be able to recognize when rules need to be bent or exceptions need to be made to the rules or policies. Others may see them as cold and uninterested, particularly those who are expressive. They do not do well with conflict, as they tend to prefer avoidance rather than confrontation. They may shut down communication as a way of dealing with discomfort or disappointment. Systematics may enjoy careers like: Computer programmer or other IT jobs Scientist (research or applied) Financial analyst or accountant Engineer 4.2.4 Considerate The final personality style is considerate. These are the people-pleasers in your group. They are natural team workers, preferring to work with and support others than to work alone. They are excellent listeners, and seek to connect with others on a personal level. If there is conflict of any kind, they will work to mediate it. They will want everyone to have their turn, to have their say, and to be appreciated for their contribution. They are natural counselors, natural trainers or mentors, and they enjoy helping others. They will encourage others to brainstorm and speak their minds, even if they aren’t inclined to do so themselves. Of course, niceness can have its downsides as well. Considerate personality styles won’t always stand up for themselves, or point out mistakes that others might have made. They will worry more...
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