Lack of direction if you know what you want and you

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Unformatted text preview: goals that you are finding it difficult to complete any of them. You may need to concentrate your efforts so that you can begin making achievements – even if they are small – which will encourage you to move on to the next goal and the next and so on. Lack of direction – if you know what you want and you believe that you can do it, but you just don’t know how to get started, you can get stopped instead of motivated. But sometimes just staying in action can be important – even if you aren’t exactly sure which actions to take. The good news is that if you can educate yourself on the necessary steps, you should be able to restore your motivation. In the following sections we will examine how to improve our self-motivation by addressing each of these ‘motivation killers.’ 6.2 Addressing Lack of Confidence We’ve just spent some time in the last chapter looking at ways to address your self-confidence, but there are a few more pointers to include here. Some additional suggestions include: Download free ebooks at 41 Motivation Managing Your Career Focusing on what you already have rather than what you lack Create your own personal positive mantra that you can tell yourself to boost yourself up Repeat things that you already know to help remind yourself of what you’ve already achieved Think positively even if you don’t yet believe what you are telling yourself – eventually, you may start to believe it Learn to accept a compliment from others – and actually enjoy the feedback 6.3 Addressing Lack of Focus It’s so easy to lose focus on what we are trying to achieve in today’s busy work environment. There is so much going on that we can get anxious, distracted, and lose our ability to focus. We end up suffering from what is called ‘fear-based’ thinking. We are afraid to lose our jobs because we are afraid of being poor. We are afraid to speak our mind in a meeting because we are afraid others won’t like what we have to say and they will hold it against us in our relationship with them. We are afraid of taking a risk at work because we can’t guarantee that the outcome will be positive. Please click the advert Are you considering a European business degree? LEARN BUSINESS at univers ity level. We mix cases with cutting edg e research working individual ly or in teams and everyone speaks English. Bring back valuable knowle dge and experience to boost your care er. MEET a culture of new foods, music and traditions and a new way of studying business in a safe, clean environment – in the middle of Copenhagen, Denmark. ENGAGE in extra-curricular acti vities such as case competitions, sports, etc. – make new friends am ong cbs’ 18,000 students from more than 80 countries. See what we look like and how we work on Download free ebooks at 42 Motivation Managing Your Career This kind of fear scatters our focus and makes it difficult to achieve anything because we get stopped by the fear. We can spend a great deal of time worrying about all the possible bad things that can happen to us or all the things that could possibly go wrong. The way to defeat your lack of focus is to set goals for yourself that are clear and achievable. The very act of setting goals puts some structure around your random thoughts and gives you something specific to focus on. Instead of worrying about random possible events in the future, you can focus on what you can do at the moment to improve your situation. 6.4 Addressing Lack of Direction Let’s say that you have developed your goals so that you have something to focus on, and you feel pretty confident that you can achieve the goal. But still you find it difficult to find the direction that you need. You might be procrastinating instead. This motivation-killer can be a difficult one to overcome, but it is not impossible. It requires taking your goal and breaking it down into the daily strategy that you will use to achieve it. You should literally have steps written down in ‘to-do’ lists so that you have specific tasks to focus on each day. When you sit down to work, pull out your to-do list and get started and you will find that you now have a clear direction to move forward in. 6.5 Building Self-Discipline For some of us, discipline is a dirty word. We conjure up images of a task master cracking his whip or a drill sergeant yelling at his soldiers. But believe it or not, self-discipline actually offers you a sort of freedom. When you have the discipline to continue reaching for your goals despite how you are feeling at the moment, you will enjoy all the results of that effort and the time that it creates for you. If you lack selfdiscipline, you may be aimless, wandering, starting one thing without finishing it and moving on to something else. You may get frustrated and find that you aren’t able to reach your goals even though it feels like you are trying to do so. Self-discipline requires the ability to act according to what you are thinking rather than what you are...
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