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Physics Lab 2 - Motion Position Velocity and Acceleration...

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Motion: Position, Velocity, and Acceleration Laboratory #2 Michael Dark Section 106 Ashley Pearson
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Purpose The purpose of this lab was to measure the velocity and acceleration of moving objects. We observed the motion of these objects in which the acceleration was constant and time-varying. We were also determining the slopes of the graphs as they appeared after running our experiments. Theory The Angular Frequency of the Oscillation is measured by an equation of: W = 2∏/T Where T is the period. Procedure We began the experiment by weighing the coins on an electronic scale. We recorded the masses and then measured the diameter with the vernier caliper. We also measured the thickness of the coins with the micrometer. Once we collected our measurements, we calculated the volume and density of the coins as well as their mean and standard deviation. With these numbers, we also calculated the alternate mean density and standard deviation for this as well.
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