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World Civ.1 Honors Prof. Byron Gilgamesh Journal Live to please. That has been mine, and my people’s only goal. Being a young Sumerian man has left me with only one other choice. And that choice would be a death sentence. From as far back as I can recall on my short life, I have been taught that I have one very important purpose in our Sumerian way of life. Please the gods. If we as a people can uphold this task, our efforts will surely be rewarded. Few Sumerians would ever dream of straying from this way of life, which would mean having to face its consequences; ending up like the late King of Uruk, Gilgamesh. The king was a cruel and heartless ruler, whose people, tired of being mistreated, let their sufferings be known to the gods.
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Unformatted text preview: As punishment for his actions, Gilgamesh was made to suffer the loss of friend, Enkidu. Enkidu was sent to Uruk to be an equal of Gilgamesh, and they became great friends, before the gods took Enkidu’s life and sent the king into a spiral of despair. The elders of our community have used the story of Gilgamesh as a warning to young people to live a good, god fearing life; so that they will be blessed be the benevolent ways of the gods in their everyday lives. As long as I continue to sustain this timeless tradition I know that we will continue to prosper....
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