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Lab 11 - Error Analysis A possible source of error is not...

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Data: See attached results. Calculations: See attached results. Summary of Results and Conclusion: In Part A, the temperature of the solution increased by 7.50 degrees Celsius for both trial one and two. In Part B, the temperature of the solution increased by 3.90 degrees Celsius for trial one and 3.70 degrees Celsius for trail two. The amount of heat absorbed by both trials in Part A was 3130J. Trial one in Part B absorbed 1630J and Trial 2 absorbed 1550J.
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Unformatted text preview: Error Analysis: A possible source of error is not allowing enough time for the maximum temperature to be reached after mixing the solutions. Another source of possible error would be that the solutions were not as concentrated as they were supposed to be. A last source of possible error is that the solution was not stirred enough to allow a maximum temperature to be reached....
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