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Mgt 111 Study guide for exam #2 Mgt 111 Exam #2 Key Topics to study and be familiar with Individual differences and Processes in Organizations(Chapter 5) Define personality-relatively stable individual difference characteristics that define a person’s behavior over time The Big Five personality traits Neuroticism (emotional stability) - refers a person’s ability to withstand stress Extroversion -captures one’s comfort level with relationships Openness to Experience -refers to one’s range of interests Agreeableness -refers to a person’s propensity to defer to others Conscientiousness -refers to the number of goals on which a person focuses Be familiar with the following constructs and how they relate to work behavior Machiavellianism (from text) Self-esteem (from text) Attitudes toward change Locus of control Internal External Tolerance for ambiguity Novelty -tolerance for new unfamiliar information and situations Complexity - tolerance for multiple and unrelated information Insolubility - tolerant of problems that are difficult to solve because of competing information Interpersonal Relations (FIRO-B) (From class notes) Inclusion needs Control needs Affection needs Expressed versus wanted scores Implications for interpersonal compatibility Type A and Type B (from text) Primarily from text but not class Have a general understanding of the Myers-Briggs e.g. four main types and 16 combinations know that it is a popular model but it lacks empirical validity
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exm2stdyfall07 - Mgt 111 Study guide for exam #2 Mgt 111...

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