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ST 351 Assignment 2 – 50 points Winter 2008 Due: beginning of your assigned lecture on Friday, January 25 th Put your name, lab day and lab time on the first page of your assignment CAREFULLY READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS: This assignment must be typed . Handwritten work will not be graded. Remember to staple your assignment if it’s more than one page. Unstapled assignments will not be graded. Please refer to the syllabus regarding assignments that are not turned in by the stated deadline, but make the following adjustment: This assignment will be accepted as late if turned in (slide under my door, Kidder 53) by 8:30 a.m. Monday, January 28. Later assignments will not be accepted. Do not email your assignment without checking with me first. Problem 1: 30 points For this assignment, you will perform an experiment to test the strengths of 3 different brands of paper towels (Brawny, Scott, and Home Best). The experiment will be performed in lab – part of the points for this assignment will be earned by being in lab and taking part in the experiment. You will perform the experiment the first part of lab and spend the rest of the lab analyzing the data to answer the questions below. The experiment Paper towels are designed to absorb water and still function as designed (up to a point, of course). But, are there differences in the strengths of different brands of paper towels after water has been added to the towel? And, does the strength of the paper towel weaken as more water is absorbed by the towel? To answer these questions, we will place a randomly selected brand of paper towel in an embroidery hoop and tighten the hoop. Then a random amount of water will be placed on each paper towel. After the water is absorbed by the paper towel, weights will be added to the paper towel until the paper towel breaks. The amount of weight added to the towel until it breaks will be recorded, as well as the brand and the amount of water absorbed by the paper towel. The “weights” we will use will be pennies. Here are the specifics of what you will do: Report to your lab on January 13-15 ON TIME. Your lab TA will take you to the room where the experiment will be performed as soon as class starts. Find a partner or group to work with on the experiment.
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assign2w08 - ST 351 Assignment 2 50 points Winter 2008 th...

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