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Ch. 27 Response Ch. 27: Imagine you are on a team designing a moon base that will be self-contained and self-sustaining. Once supplied with building materials, equipment, and organisms from Earth, the base will be expected to function indefinitely. One member of the team suggested that everything should be sterilized so that no bacteria of any kind are present. Predict some of the consequences of eliminating all bacteria from the environment. Although bacteria have a bad rep, without bacteria, life on Earth would not be possible. Bacteria in foods help us to digest better, synthesize important nutrients, boost immune
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Unformatted text preview: efficiency, and produce vitamins. Also, there are some bacteria, called bacteriophages, which help destroy bacteria which cause disease. Without bacteria, there would be nothing around that could decompose dead organic material. This organic material is broken down into reusable molecules such as carbon and nitrogen which plants require for growth. Symbiots called rhizobia actually live in plant roots and work together with plants decomposing dead material and turning into reusable molecules. Humans and other organisms then eat the plants for nutrition....
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