1B,Key_Exp8[1] - .^ K EY l L,tBEB C H E M I S T R Y I B X P...

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CHEMISTRY'IB EXPERIMENT 8 : OXIDAT ION_REDUCT ION REPORT Preliminary Exercises I. Indicate the oxidation nurnber oi the uncerlined eLement in each of the followino: -t +8h .^", KEY ( l+L.,tBEB ) BaCI z Ca(Cl0: )z a1" Hz50t Na2S203 lqu6 *Z.S +5 Fe 3 0i. coz HC 2 H 3 0 2 ++ +6 +2 CsHo ca(cN)2 +7 2. In tne aporopria:e soace aiter eech eouation, wrile Lhe fornulas For t\e ox:.J-zing and reducing ag:nts, anC ind:ca;e the nunber of electrons lost per formuLa irom the reducing agent and the irumber oi electlons gained per formula by the oxidizing 3_cenl. hl hen there is no redox cccurj.n-o, indicate this by writing "no redox". 0xidizing Agent E-L ec Lrons n: i ncri ner lormul-a Reducinc EIec'-:ons Iost cer )Cu - 2NO3 r 8H* -> jC.t2' n 2t',JC r 4H20 NO: 1 Cu l I 2Ar , )CIz 2AI3 * * 6Cl Clz 2 AI 3 Aq- * cI- AgcI no re,ol,o t"tg * 2H* -) Mg2 * H2 H* I rYlg 2 I ?+ i Cu- + H25 CuS + 2H NO reJo Ba + zHzA Ba2+ + 2Al + H2 Hro I & 2 C0 2 + H20 H2C03 /)o C02+C->2C0 Coz 2 C z HCI + NH3 NH,.CI rc redo ZZnS + JOz-> 2ZnO , 2SO2 O7 4 Zn9 6 1Na202 * CrzO: + H20 5Na + ZCrOa' + 2CH Naro, Z Czot 6 2H202 2H2O + O2 Hzo, Z W.oz Z As"05 ' 4CI2 + 10H20 4H3As0q + SHCI 2 4snO6 g
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Experimental Report I. A Simple Potential. Series fo (a) Copper, zinc, iron, and :nei takJ.ng place between me:aIs action ) . net ionic equaLions for any reac Iisted beLow (indicate any cases n /\X z1 r the MetaIs. r ions: lirite and metal ions No I i ^-- o i no a^^^^- ^^! -: ^^ : LOpfer ano zlnc Lon l'nnnor anai f r,rrn, ' -.--JS 10n 7 i ^^ ^^; ^,.^- i ^ i 4rnc afru cupr.Lc lon Zi.nc and lerrous ion T raa -^; ^ ,^- i ^ i rrur dru UJpLIr, lOn Iron and zi.nc ion tJhich metal- ion is t.he No Rx ", tn+ + Cuo + Cqo Feo + -?+ L-(l -2 Znz* Zno Fez* --> ?nzr + fr6 Craz* - frz* No Rxn strc:3er oxioizing aqent, Cr2* or Zn2'? Fe' or Cu' ? r+ 1+ F3 OI ZN !
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1B,Key_Exp8[1] - .^ K EY l L,tBEB C H E M I S T R Y I B X P...

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