L l o w i n g q u a l i c n si n d i c a t e r e a c

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Unformatted text preview: (') IJ t+ n- )+ C- A2* No reaccion Couplu s + O,A, D Azn*4 82* -B C2+*C Dt*- D is slronyer Bt* n2+ ,5 Dtt is 5jronV- O'A O,4 . // * ho' t D "* f h.rn 8 ?+ *hqn Cz+ 8,, D,O C,* -4 /w) P.4. -c 8 - 10 Given the followinq _ Ao - A. couoles: go d2 92+ gl* - a2* Arrange the couples intc a reduction ootential s e r i e s a s i n ( 4 ) , b a s e C o n t h e f o J I. o w i n g r e a c t i o n s which do, or do not, occur .€ eidW',yfftlst C"rr,&n ' (f ) A * C3* -> No Reactj.on ,++7 Ca+ (2) C + 82 . zaC2* C2+ Bzz (l) 5. Bz * C2* Given ihe No reaction C?* Z - A*-A. C3* _ 6-z* Bz B- C2*_C tZ v3+ PuO z* - Pu .- 3' uq r+ ud - t+ u oz ' ?r uoz -Mo Mo- Arrange the couples into a reduction potential series as above, basedon Lhe fcllo'ainq reactions nhich do, or do not, oc:ur. v3' + Puo2 ' (2) Mo + Ga (l) + U oz2 * + uozz' (4) P.A. fol.Iowing couples: vo2* (I) 0.4, Mo yo 2' ' P u" ' P uO2+ z V O?+ 3' 3 Mo * Uolr > /ho?' No ReacrionVOz+ > U6* U oz ' . 0.4. [ . 4. Pu02* Voz+ u qt* P uqr v3n ,/T)a7r /Tlo a3+ C)ct Gntp.;son a€ o xiol;a2 ag.n*s * Uoz' (tq...
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