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Unformatted text preview: ei S s ii S :nor- n.:rri:inn Eouations oi mixinq Mn0u v ^tas the oxidizing Ion Couple. with o xta/t>w,l agent is Cl i.n acid +o /Vln 04- sol-ution? C tz ( sraelteJ o € c htor;ae) : thc r P 4 i l c -i "nY n :nent -: 8-8 9. The Reaction of the Halogens wilh Describe t.he results of the reactions between Cu and Br2, and Cu and I2. reot eiS Coppu- +-o Copper. \/-;f h B.^ a ^a T I t ve b fh q 44 T z 8 ", * 5Ummry a Construct nnrrnlpq st "Ovirlizinn a reduction 'rlien in the orooer sides of ^^^ili^^^ uu>lLaull> i n o n ,t .c L q-u- ^F ur .n.i beside the thiq antrntqr' 2nn !H^ LllE ootential oxneri.ncnt. the table. ^-a-frL) duc f o r m u l - a so f drlu h, uy o,A. aI.l-9 i*'y G ) ',rlrite rrRed'rrinn arortqrr .''Y"!-.'"" ^+-^^^^-! >Llurlutr>L r c r i r r e i -^ r - ' 9 ser:.es for rlonn Indicate the wtrdrc>L ^l-^i^pldLrrr_u : "u dn d hoO,; - 2 ,rz+ 1 (*) Clz fW) \Yr/ these subs...
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