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Unformatted text preview: s o.A. At l:e right canstruct a poter-tial series for the tnree c o m m o nh a l o g e n s a n C t h e i r i o n s , a s d i r e c t e d i n t h e e x p e : i m e n L a l -o r o c e d u r e . -he SirOnapSf The st rnnnpqr r p r i r r n ir n If fluorine were included in in thi.s At TheIron(IIi) Ion - series a\t Ircn(II) Ccuole. ionic iron(III) i.onwith Ircn(III) ion with bromide ion equaLicns for Lhe re3ction of Fe3*, i.n acccrdance uiith voui exDerinental- -) / - and the t!. ?+ Zl-e-' iodide icn Zf* t Tz- T- C t- reacLion, Ct- 2 t reL* * Jt b e t / , / e e nt . h e Br, - 8 r- couole couple. t ' l a n g a n e s eI ( ) I What was the observed result The. + Rx n [Vo aou.rte shnrrl.i therp Fnre ho n l:^ed The Permanganate Ion - In this I Co?le ll''ttoftztQ Write net The Fe'*-F"t* Br- Tz - T - couple . , ct- {3r, T- is lhe ser:es, Lhe Fz-F frbo,ve aoulc be Iocared ). :rpnr A.A. CI, CIZ i f . ss e i e, : , , . - - n. . : -nn jj . S S e f r...
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