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Biology-Ch.33 Response

Biology-Ch.33 Response - •...

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Bio Ch.33 Response Chapter 33: A marine biologist has dredged up an unknown animal from the seafloor. Describe some of the characteristics she should look at to determine the animal phylum to which the creature should be assigned. Morphological characteristics: vertebrate or nonvertebrate- does the animal have a backbone or spinal column? cell types (basal or tissues)-is there one or many kinds of cells? symmetry (radial or bilateral)-does it have a head and tail or left and right or is there only a top and bottom?
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Unformatted text preview: • development (diplo/triploblastic)-does the animal have 2 germ layers (ecto/endoderm) or does it have 3 germ layers (ecto/endoderm and mesoderm)? • body cavities (coelomate, acoelomate, or pseudocoelomate)- does the animal have a fluid-filled body cavity; if so is it completely lined with mesoderm? • development again (deuterostome or protostome)-does it develop with spiral or radial cleavage? Spiral leads to determinate development and radial leads to indeterminate development, or stem cells....
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