Have you felt embarrassed because you felt ill

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Unformatted text preview: repared for the training or workshop you were scheduled to give? If you have then The Secrets of Workshop Success eBook is a must read in order to ensure your workshop provides a valuable experience for everyone involved. The e-book covers everything you need to know about: • choosing a successful topic for your workshop • planning a successful run up to your workshop • presenting your successful workshop The Secrets of Workshop Success is for everyone who is considering presenting a workshop, seminar or training. Whether you have been asked to present an event by your employers, or as an entrepreneur you have decided to run an event to showcase your business. It may be that as an employee of a company you may feel constrained in your choices. You may feel that the topic of the training, workshop or seminar will be dictated by your company and the type of work you do, but don’t let that put you off – you have as much at stake when selecting the topic and slant of the workshop as a business owner. You want people to remember YOUR presentation, YOUR topic, and you want it to be memorable for all the RIGHT reasons. You will know that you have presented a successful workshop when you feel energised and upbeat AFTER the workshop, when you walk away knowing you have performed well. Download free ebooks at 6 The Secrets to Workshop Success Part 1 7 secrets to choosing a topic for your workshop 7 secrets to choosing a topic for your workshop Introduction The key to the success of any event is choosing the best topic possible. Part 1 of The Secrets of Workshop Success e-book has been developed to help you select a topic you will enjoy presenting and one your audience will be excited to attend. There are many ways of picking a topic for your workshop; brainstorming catchy titles, asking your friends, polling your prospective audience or going along with what your mother thinks is a really good idea will all get you a topic, but will probably leave you confused and undecided about which is really the best choice. There is only one way that will give you your best topic, and that is to follow our Seven Secrets of Workshop Success formula. When you start the process of selecting the best topic for your workshop, ask yourself these four great questions first: 1. What topic makes me feel most comfortable? 2. What topic can I expand well? 3. What resources and content do I already have available? 4. What topic do I think my audience will find interesting? Secret 1 Put yourself up front and centre Take a moment to think about it. You are going to present this workshop. Everyone is going to be looking at you, and listening to you. Scary? Not if you really believe in your topic. Think about what you enjoy most about your job or about running your business, then ask yourself Who are you and what do you do? • What are the specific problems you solve? • Who do you solve them for? • What are the results? These three questions are designed to begin the planning process. They seem simple questions, but an...
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