Include pauses or breaks where appropriate this all

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Unformatted text preview: Include pauses or breaks where appropriate. This all adds to the information you will provide to your audience, (remember the agenda in Secret 5?) so they are able to stay focused on you and your presentation. Secret 7 Choose a compelling title In Secret 6 we talked about what your audience needs to take away with them from the workshop, but they won’t take anything away with them, if they are not tempted to sign up for the workshop in the first place. You may have been using a working title as you developed your ideas, but now is the time to decide on the best title for the workshop. Don’t rush this process, you want to attract your audience, but never mislead them. The title needs to be clear, accessible and memorable. Here are several points to think about when choosing a workshop title. • Manage expectations: A short title does not offer many words to help you, but it should describe the essence and content of the whole workshop. Don’t let your participants feel disappointed or they won’t come back! • Make it short and catchy – You need something memorable, and not too long and complicated. Remember that it not only has to fit well on a poster or press release, but in these days of online publicity, it needs to be searchable in Google, and quick to type into your mobile phone! • Work your brand into the title –It’s a great idea to fit your company name or your slogan into the title in some way. But if you have a complicated name make sure it is easy to spell in phone conversations, or when sending an SMS. Make sure press reports will not make spelling mistakes. • Use the same language as your participants – You are the expert, it’s easy to forget that others may have different meanings for some words. Do not assume that people have the same points of reference. • Your title should address the workshops intended audience – and determine the focus whether Download free ebooks at 12 The Secrets to Workshop Success 7 secrets to choosing a topic for your workshop fun in nature or its serious aims, etc. Limit spet jargon unless the workshop is aimed at spets who understand the jargon. Finally, play around with your ideas and have fun with them. Use alliteration, or rhymes, or a famous quote or catchphrase. Put yourself in the place of your audience and find the idea that resonates with Please click the advert you. The chances are that is the one will resonate with your audience too. Download free ebooks at 13 The Secrets to Workshop Success Part 2 7 secrets to planning a successful run up to your workshop 7 secrets to planning a successful run up to your workshop Introduction This part of The Secrets to Workshop Success e-book has been developed to help you organise the run up to the day of your event, be it a workshop, training or seminar. • We know you are an expert in your subject. You have great workshop topic, • your presentation materials are ready, • you know the workshop is interesting and informative, • yo...
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