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Is there internet access are refreshments included in

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Unformatted text preview: use of flip charts and overhead projector? Is there internet access? Are refreshments included in the hire? How much help will you get with setting up the room itself, moving desks and chairs etc? Some venues have their own publicity and promotion avenues to advertise events; they may have a mailing list, or include your event on their website. Services such as these may cost extra but it is often possible to negotiate. 5. Hidden costs. Take into consideration whether there will be any hidden costs associated with using this venue. It may be that you need to spend extra for your own parking fees, or travel expenses, and your own meals and refreshments. If you do have to pay extra for refreshments for your audience, make sure that is factored into your pricing. Secret 2 Publicity Getting the publicity right is really the most crucial part of guaranteeing attendance at your event. Without it no one will know about your workshop, and no one will come to it. So think about where your potential audience is. Do they read the local press? Listen to local radio? Watch local TV? Do they use events websites? There are lots of ways to publicise, and of course you sometimes have to pay, but often you can get free advertising space. Let’s look at what the possibilities for free advertising are. The Venue Sometimes a venue adds events to their newsletter or their own website. Check whether this should be paid for or if it is part of their room hire package. Newspapers Local papers often have a special section for local events and it is even possible they will run an article about you, if what you do is interesting enough. There is also a chance you can pay to run an advertorial. Sometimes a group of local papers offer syndicated advertising space, where you pay for your advert to appear in different papers within the same time frame. Download free ebooks at bookboon.com 16 The Secrets to Workshop Success 7 secrets to planning a successful run up to your workshop Spet Magazines These will guarantee your advert reaches your target market, but in general, magazines have a long lead time, so you have to get your advertising in place many weeks before the workshop. It’s worth contacting them to see if they have a free “What’s On” section, but often they need their advertising revenues to survive so you may have to pay for a good placement. Local Radio / TV Get in touch with local radio or TV and see if they want a short filler interview about a topic related either to your workshop or about the venue. You should be able to get in a plug about the workshop within the interview time. Internet This has a huge capability to communicate to both global and niche markets, and we will cover that further on in the e-book, but for now, find out whether your community has an events website. Check whether it is free to advertise your event. Posters Find out whether you can put up posters in the venue itself. Your local library, supermarket and post office often has a bulletin board for...
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