It is not necessary to personalise the whole of your

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Unformatted text preview: personalise the whole of your workshop, but letting people see a little of who you are, and what makes you tick will raise your workshop to another level, and make the whole workshop experience more memorable for the audience. Secret 4 Know your audience Knowing your audience is crucial to knowing whether you have chosen the right topic and just how you are going to develop it. The following questions will help you know your audience. Who is your target audience? 1. Where can you find your audience? 2. Are they professionals or looking for a recreational workshop? 3. What do they think about you now? 4. What would you like them to think about you? 5. How will you attract them to your workshop? Please click the advert You’re full of energy and ideas. And that’s just what we are looking for. © UBS 2010. All rights reserved. 6. Who else is successfully providing workshops to the same audience? Looking for a career where your ideas could really make a difference? UBS’s Graduate Programme and internships are a chance for you to experience for yourself what it’s like to be part of a global team that rewards your input and believes in succeeding together. Wherever you are in your academic career, make your future a part of ours by visiting Download free ebooks at 9 The Secrets to Workshop Success 7 secrets to choosing a topic for your workshop Use all the resources at your disposal to get the answers. This can include visitors to your website, your current client list, your past client list; your friends, followers and fans in your social media network; your contacts in your real networks. Don’ hold back at this point and check out your competitors audience too. Secret 5 How long is the workshop? It is important that your audience knows how long the workshop is going to be. Not only because they need to schedule time in their busy lives in order to attend, but also so they can mentally prepare for the level of concentration they will need to actively participate in the workshop. So think about your workshop topic. Is it an in-depth presentation of a new accounting package, or an interactive creative workshop allowing participants to make their own flower arrangements? It is possible both types of workshop will be the same length, and both workshops have their own pitfalls to be overcome. Pitfall 1 – loosing the audience. This can happen with complex topics such as presenting a new accounting package. The audience want to engage with the presentation, as they have a big stake in understanding the materials. It’s a big topic, however, and you may start to lose their attention as you go through the material. Solution Presenting technical information can be broken up into either smaller subsections detailing separate aspects of the topic, or progressive parts, moving from an overview of the whole to a more detailed presentation of the information. Pitfall 2 – mixed skill levels within audience. With a crea...
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