Keep spreading the word and ask them to spread the

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Unformatted text preview: for now mail, phone or text everyone you know. Keep spreading the word and ask them to spread the word for you. The goal is to get a full venue and a successful workshop. Once the workshop is over don’t forget to thank everyone who helped, tell them what a success it was, and how happy you were with their valuable contribution. Receiving that message will pave the way for them helping you again next time. Download free ebooks at 21 The Secrets to Workshop Success Part 3 7 secrets to presenting a successful workshop 7 secrets to presenting a successful workshop Introduction This part of The Secrets to Workshop Success e-book has been developed to help you on the day of your event, be it a workshop, training or seminar. • We know you are an expert in your subject. You have great workshop topic. • You have chosen a great location for your workshop. • You have been busy with the publicity for your event. • You know your audience and you have been actively networking with them. The Secrets to Workshop Success – Part 3 - looks at what needs to be done on the day to ensure your workshop is a success. Following Part 3 will help you to keep your goal in sight at every stage of the process and enable you to deliver a memorable workshop, seminar or training that will have the attendees talking positively about it for a long time. The five questions you need to answer before you begin working through these Seven Secrets are: • Why are you giving this workshop? • What can you expect your audience to learn in the time available? • Who are your audience? • When – is this the right day/time to be giving this workshop? • Where – do you need to change the layout of the venue to suit your purposes? Secret 1 Your Mindset There are several things that you can do before your workshop in order to ensure that you are in the right frame of mind so that your presentation is upbeat and delivered with confidence. Some if these may appear extremely obvious but they can easily be overlooked due to nerves so be sure to use this as a checklist: 1. Practice, practice, practice Know your subject inside out. If you really know your subject, how you want to present it and in what order, you will instantly feel more confident. Download free ebooks at 22 The Secrets to Workshop Success 7 secrets to presenting a successful workshop 2. Delivery Find a method of delivering the information that suits you and be sure to use examples and exercises to get your message across. It is important that you do not mumble or talk too fast. This is often due to nerves. If you feel that happening, take a moment to compose yourself – silence can be a very effective form of punctuation so don’t be afraid to use it. 3. Have notes There is nothing wrong with having notes in front of you to use as cues so long as they are short notes that you only occasionally refer to. Do not have sheets of A4 to read as this will stop you looking at and engaging with your audience. 4. Be flexible Have alternative exercises and back up information to use when a particular ex...
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