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Unformatted text preview: u know the audience you want to attract. Part 2 looks at what needs to be done now to make this event happen. Following the steps outlined in this section will help you to keep your goal in sight at every stage of the process and enable you to provide a workshop, seminar or training in a great location, at the perfect Download free ebooks at 14 The Secrets to Workshop Success 7 secrets to planning a successful run up to your workshop price to attract your audience and provide profit for you. The four questions you need to answer before you begin working through these Seven Secrets are: • Who are your target audience? • Where are they? • What are they willing to pay? • How will they reach the venue? Secret 1 Event Venue The venue for your workshop is a framework to showcase you and your skills and specialties. There are five important points to consider before making your decision. 1. The Wow Factor. A spectacular venue is an added attraction to potential workshop attendees, creating a Christmas wreath in a Dickensian hall has more pizzazz than the local community centre after all! But there is no need to get carried away, and you can choose a venue which suits both your workshop topic and your potential attendees without it costing the earth. 2. Size matters. It’s a basic question, but how big is the venue? The venue size should be able to accommodate all of your attendees, without overcrowding, and without them feeling lost in a great room. It is important that the room should create a good atmosphere, so consider what materials you have provided for the workshop and make sure there is enough room for attendees to manage their workshop materials properly. If the room is very large, check that everyone will be able to hear you, and see your presentation materials. Make sure that there is space at the back of the venue to set out your promotional material, or products you have to sell. 3. Getting there You want your event to start on time so your audience must be able to get to the venue easily, so make sure that the venue is easy to find, and get to. If the venue is centrally located in an urban area check the public transport links, and whether there is plenty of free or affordable parking in the vicinity. For more remote venues, a hotel in the country, perhaps, or simply in an outlying district of a big urban area, make sure that attendees know how to get there and how long the journey will take. It will help the success of the workshop if people can arrive in good time and be able to settle down before your workshop starts. A successful workshop should start (and finish) on time. Download free ebooks at 15 The Secrets to Workshop Success 7 secrets to planning a successful run up to your workshop 4. Room hire costs. Ask lots of questions when it comes to the cost of the room hire, it is important to know the total cost up front, and also what the cancellation policy is for the venue. Find out what is usually included in the room hire; do you have the...
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