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Unformatted text preview: just come along and pay on the door. Secret 4 Blogging Do you blog? Have you thought about starting a blog? It’s a pretty painless process if you chose one of the well known blogging platforms such as Wordpress or Blogger. They provide lots of online tutorials and help to get you started, and you can make it as simple or complex as you like. Blog posts do not have to be long, but they do have to be interesting. You can add a relevant image to the post, or even a video clip, but if that feels too technical, follow these six tips when you create your first blog post: 1. Get a great headline 2. Grab the reader’s attention in the first paragraph 3. Focus on the problem 4. Give them a nugget of useful information 5. Hold back on giving away the whole solution 6. Get them to take action in the last paragraph If you have a blog it’s a great way to build awareness of the topic of the workshop. At the end of each blog post, call your readers to action, and ask them to contact you to book a place on the workshop. Download free ebooks at 19 The Secrets to Workshop Success Secret 5 7 secrets to planning a successful run up to your workshop Twitter Twitter is the way to reach a really big audience. Do you have a Twitter account? Again they are easy to set up, and there is lots of information online to help you get started. The trick to Twitter is to keep building your network so keep building the list of people you follow and hopefully a good number of them will follow you back. As your Twitter following grows: • tweet each blog post you write (you can set your blog posts to tweet automatically if you want); • tweet how the preparations for the workshop are going; • tweet to let people know there is an early bird discount; • tweet to say there are only two places left; • tweet about the workshop day; And • tweet about how it went! e Graduate Programme for Engineers and Geoscientists I joined MITAS because I wanted real responsibili Please click the advert Real work Internationa al International opportunities ree wor o ree work placements Month 16 was I was a construction supervisor in the North Sea advising and helping foremen he solve problems s Download free ebooks at 20 The Secrets to Workshop Success Secret 6 7 secrets to planning a successful run up to your workshop Discussion Do your audience gather in discussion groups either online or offline? Make the effort to enter these discussions to demonstrate that you are an expert and you have valuable information which can help them solve their problem. Pose questions yourself and get opinions and views on the topic from your audience. Discussion forums can be on LinkedIn, or other online bulletin boards, but can also be more local, i.e. face to face networking groups or discussion boards you have access to. Secret 7 Network, network, network. It’s your first workshop event, so pull out all the stops, and use all your contacts. Family and friends want you to succeed too, so don’t be shy. Over time you will build up a mailing list of interested people, but...
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