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Unformatted text preview: u have got the essentials out of the way, your workshop needs to open with a bang! Something that grabs people’s attention and is memorable. Something that will also get your audience to introduce themselves and tell you what they hope to get out of your workshop, in a fun and unthreatening way. Please click the advert Budget-Friendly. Knowledge-Rich. The Agilent InfiniiVision X-Series and 1000 Series offer affordable oscilloscopes for your labs. Plus resources such as lab guides, experiments, and more, to help enrich your curriculum and make your job easier. Scan for free Agilent iPhone Apps or visit See what Agilent can do for you. © Agilent Technologies, Inc. 2012 u.s. 1-800-829-4444 canada: 1-877-894-4414 Download free ebooks at 27 The Secrets to Workshop Success 7 secrets to presenting a successful workshop There are several ways of doing this and a couple are listed below. I suggest that you take time to come up with an ‘icebreaker’ that works best for the type of workshop/event that you are running and the number of attendees you anticipate. When trying to decide on an ‘icebreaker’ make sure that: • it is linked to the topic of your event if possible; • it is fun; • attendees are unlikely to have done it before; • it is easy to explain and organise; • it lasts only 5 – 10 minutes; and • it is non-threatening and creates positive atmosphere. Here are some examples to get you started: • Everyone is asked to take their keys out of their pocket or bag and place them on the table. They then take turns to introduce themselves by talking about their keys and what is significant about them. • You pass round a roll of toilet paper and everyone is asked to take as much as they want/ need – you do not give any further explanation. Everyone then has to tell something about themselves for every sheet of toilet paper they took. • Give everyone a sheet of paper and a pencil when they arrive and ask them to spend 5 minutes drawing a picture that shows who they are without using words or numbers. After 5 minutes, you collect in the pictures and show them one at a time and everyone has to guess who it is. Each participant can then explain how their picture clearly shows who they are. Secret 5 Delivery The most important thing is to start on time, take breaks on time, resume on time and finish on time as this shows that you value the participants time. There are several things to consider during the delivery of your workshop - only some of which you will have been able to plan for. 1. Make sure that you have allowed plenty of time for open discussion of the content of the workshop. Encourage people to ask questions and allow others to suggest answers as this creates a great learning environment for everyone. Be flexible in your approach and don’t shut down a relevant discussion even if it means you have to miss out a planned activity. 2. If you are asked a particularly difficult question, buy yourself some time by going back...
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