They seem simple questions but answering them gives

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Unformatted text preview: swering them gives you a really clear picture of the services or products you offer, the customers who are interested in your products, and the results these products or services give your customers. Download free ebooks at 7 The Secrets to Workshop Success 7 secrets to choosing a topic for your workshop It may be that your event is not based on your business, but on your volunteer work or community work. Don’t worry because these three questions are still valid. You really need to be able to say who you are and what you do, and who do you do it for, no matter whether you are thinking about running a first aid course for new parents, a training course for fellow employees, or presenting your own company to prospective clients. Secret 2 Feel enthusiasm. When you are going through these steps to choosing a topic, look out for those signs which tell you that this topic excites you. You are going to spend a lot of time working with the material, even before it comes to presenting the workshop on the day itself, so you really need to want to present this material, it has to inspire you, and then you will be half way to inspiring the audience with your topic. So think about the following three questions: Why you do it? • Do I believe in this workshop? • Why do I want to spread this message? • Why should people come to this workshop? When working on these questions it will really help if you have the feeling that you will never get tired of repeating these answers. These answers become the essence of what you want to achieve with this workshop. The answers to these questions have nothing to do with presenting the workshop, but everything to do with how you connect with your audience. Secret 3 Know you are the expert In fact when you have thoroughly prepared for this workshop you will BE the expert on this topic. The key to Secret 3 is to know your strengths and what makes you unique. Then you can put more of yourself into your presentation making it more interesting for the audience. So take a few minutes to think about yourself, and answer the following question : • What three things make you memorable? • What have you been good at since you were little? • What do other people always compliment you on? • What is your favourite topic of conversation in your personal life? • When asked about your work, what do you talk about with most enthusiasm? Download free ebooks at 8 The Secrets to Workshop Success 7 secrets to choosing a topic for your workshop Now decide whether any of these qualities can be worked into your presentation. If you are enthusiastic about football, and your presentation is about management styles, connect with your audience by applying your material on management styles to different football managers. If people always compliment you on your ability to trouble shoot and resolve complex issues, use your methods to bring over the topic of the workshop clearly and with a positive outcome. It is not necessary to...
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