Your chance please click the advert to change the

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Unformatted text preview: local events which are free or a minimum charge. your chance Please click the advert to change the world Here at Ericsson we have a deep rooted belief that the innovations we make on a daily basis can have a profound effect on making the world a better place for people, business and society. Join us. In Germany we are especially looking for graduates as Integration Engineers for • Radio Access and IP Networks • IMS and IPTV We are looking forward to getting your application! To apply and for all current job openings please visit our web page: Download free ebooks at 17 The Secrets to Workshop Success 7 secrets to planning a successful run up to your workshop Again, think about your target audience, will you find them in your local schools, or hospitals, doctors’ surgeries or churches? Wherever they are, you can ask to hang a poster publicising your event. Secret 3 Pricing Setting the pricing for the event greatly influences the success of the workshop. You need to feel absolutely comfortable with what you are charging to your audience, and feel happy providing your valuable time at this price. So to calculate a price you feel comfortable with, consider the following questions first: What is the purpose for you of this event, is it: • to make a lot of money on the day? • to generate product sales to the audience? • build awareness of you and your company? • another reason? Having the answers to these questions will help you to set your price. Taking a piece of paper write down what costs you know: Venue hire. Hidden costs of the venue. Publicity costs. Workshop materials cost Your own expenses. Make a sum of these amounts and divide this by the number of workshop attendees to get a price per head. Now you know how much you need to cover your costs, and on top of this price add in the profit you want to make per workshop attendee. To make it easier here is a very simple example Pricing example workshop for 10 participants Euro Room hire costs 200 Hidden costs of venue (sandwich lunch for 10 per person 100 participants) Publicity costs Local newspaper advert 60 Workshop Materials Cost Notebooks and pens 25 Your own expenses parking 15 Download free ebooks at 18 The Secrets to Workshop Success 7 secrets to planning a successful run up to your workshop Total costs 400 Cost per participant 40 Total Ticket price 85 per person Profit to yourself 850 450 As I said this was a very simple example, but once you have calculated your own figures, ask yourself, “is it realistic?” A good tactic to take with pricing is to find out what prices are charged for other similar workshops in your locality. This helps you establish what your audience will be willing to pay. To guarantee you know the numbers attending before the event you can ask people to book and pay for a place on the workshop in advance. However it really depends how comfortable you are with this, and also what is common practice in your locality. If it is not a normal procedure for people to pay in advance then they will...
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