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P H2 = (P bar – P liq ) – P H2O GenChemCo Industries 170 Main St. Aurora, NY 13026 We at GenChemCo Industries have investigated the relationships between moles, volume, pressure, and temperature of the product hydrogen gas when zinc is reacted with hydrochloric acid (HCl) and magnesium is reacted with HCl. The procedure for both metals was the same. First, we prepared the gas measuring tube by pouring the recommended amount of concentrated HCl dependent on each metal into the bottom of the tube. Distilled water was carefully added to avoid mixing. The acid has a higher density than the water and this is what kept the liquids from mixing upon contact. Then, a sample of metal was obtained, wrapped in copper wire, and inserted into a two-hole stopper. This stopper was then inserted into the bottom of the eudiometer tube carefully as to avoid the trapping of air within the
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Unformatted text preview: tube. The tube was inverted and quickly placed into a beaker of distilled water. The HCl proceeded to settle to the bottom of the beaker and reacted with the metal within the copper wire forming bubbles of hydrogen gas which rose to the top of the tube. Once the metal was completely reacted the volume of gas was measured and recorded. Temperature was also found by inserting a thermometer into the beaker and recorded. The distance from the top of the tube to the surface of the water in the beaker was measured and this number was converted from cmH 2 O to mmHg so it could be used in calculating the pressure of hydrogen within the tube. The equation for calculating pressure of hydrogen gas (P H 2 ) is as follows:...
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