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-1John Tomberlin Essay Passage 9 Summary: In the first paragraph, Cleanthes attacks the reasoning behind seeking a beginning to an eternal sequence of events. He rhetorically questions how something that exists from eternity, or has and will exist for all eternity, could possibly have a beginning. The notion of a true beginning in a chain of infinite events is in itself contradictory; in fact, this search for a beginning would be just as feasible on a circle. After affirming the lack of a beginning, or end, in an infinite series or chain of events, it follows that each link in the chain will be caused by the link before it as well as result in the link directly after it. However, there is still a natural tendency to inquire to about the beginning of the chain in it’s entirety; Cleanthes answers this by explaining that it is simply a quality of the mind to link things together into categories that are in this respect arbitrary. The final point is made to disprove the belief that there could be a
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